Discovery in the Rhône Valley 2015: tasters from around the world

Découverte en Vallée du Rhône

The Domaine des Peyre at Discovery in the Rhone Valley

Restaurateurs, wine merchants, sommeliers, importers, wine journalists were present at the invitation of Inter Rhône in Avignon in the late winter. They all came to the small Louvre lobby where Luberon appellation was installed as was Domaine des Peyre (I had the joy of receiving Bernard Burtschy who has tasted my wines). The mistral that kept blowing forced the organizers to bring the guests to lunch in our lobby, safer than under the tent erected outside, so, we had a few extra visitors …

Some good contacts were made and we look forward to working them thoroughly to sell our wines in England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the United States but also in Paris …

Good news: all visitors who stopped by our booth did so because they had tasted our wines on the tasting tables and had them very much appreciated! Then! We continue, we still have plenty of projects and intend to quickly sell our wines in London, New York in Belgium, to complement our French distribution …

What will Inter Rhône decide for the next edition? And if we gathered everyone together in one place, with easy access like a convention center, for two days of discovery with the organization in the evening of large buffet, at the Palais des Papes ?
All appellations are housed in the same boat and journalists, restaurateurs, importers and wine merchants would not have to go to several sites … To think

Patricia Alexander

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