Long live the summer at Domaine des Peyre!

The press loved the rose wines of Domaine Peyre


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So in Provence, in the heart of the Luberon, we put the rosé in the freezer and we enjoy it. At Domaine des Peyre, we did our best  to release two rosé wines, and, nice reward, many journalists have selected them for their summer special issues! Thank you to them!

Now it is time to pick cherries, the cicadas and dinners under the gazebo!

Today is undeniable, from the youngest to the oldest, rosé wine evokes summer, fun, sharing, beautiful soft and warm days and … relaxation. This success is confirmed every year because this wine knows how to seduce young as old, female as male palate! Unlike other colors of wine, rosé is decomplexing … It is still rare to find father of today, uncle or grandfather to pontificate on the subject and display their oenophile erudition…

So, of all generations, everyone chooses his style, color and the best time to sink in glasses … Rosé breaks the codes and meets the generations with ease!

Suffice to say that our rosés have their place in any circumstance in your fridges and your glasses!


Cuvée Paparazzi


With the wealth of our land, between Ventoux and Luberon, and with the diversity of our grape varieties, we elaborated wines of two different types even though they are both elegant and charming:

– The vintage L’EQUIPE (Team), AOP Luberon that will delight your aperitifs.

– The vintage PAPARAZZI, AOP Ventoux to place onto the table this summer and tickle southerners or exotic cuisines.



Rigor and expertise

If the rose wine is synonymous with celebration, it is nonetheless one of the most difficult wine to succeed. Because its success depends greatly on the quality of the harvested grapes.
At Domaine des Peyre, we harvest the night, at the cooler hours and immediately bring the grapes to the cellar to be sorted before going to the press. Meticulous operations carried out with a permanent control of temperatures: the less grape berries are handled, the less they are crushed, the less there is possibility of oxidation and the aromas of the grapes are preserved and enhanced in the wine.
To reach optimum results, we have equipped our winery of tanks that enable fast, controlled descent of temperatures, just as our hydraulic press.
Rosé pressing

No! Rosé is by no means a mixture of white wine and red wine! We pick the grapes from red grapes for most and we make a wine in the image of the white wines, but for the color of the juice is as clear as possible. We leave very little time grape seed and water macerate together: thus, the color of the pulp does not have time to color the pressed grape juice.
It is this process that allows us to obtain rosé wines on freshness, elegance, delicacy with a nice aromatic complexity.

You are welcome to experience and enjoy our wines at Domaine des Peyre.


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