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Intercep, stripping and passage of griffin

Under the sun, we continue to workin the vineyards. The quality of harvest scheduled in september depends on soil work quality and also depends, of course, on the quality of the wine we are going to produce.
Some explanations to understand what lies behind those words.


Passage de l'intercep


What is done with an intercep?
Having chosen to work in sustainable farming, we did not use chemical herbicides in our vines, but the herbs take the opportunity to grow at full speed! Then suddenly, the ground work is required on the field. The intercep is a good tool for working under the vine row and pull those weeds that would choke vineyards feet if we would let them grow.
The feelers positioned at the front of the tool used to work between the stem and thus eliminate competitive weeds of the vine.

Le griffon



 And if we also pass the griffin?
Griffin allows both a soil aeration but also a superficial weeding between rows thanks to the fins positioned on the teeth.



No systematic stripping.
We do not practice systematically stripping in our land because it depends on the weather and the health of the vineyard. This practice plays a role in the general health of the vine from the aeration of grapes and their greater exposure to the sun. Thus the spread of Botrytis is limited. However, we must be very careful to scalding problems if brutal exposure to light and high temperatures.

For now, in order to better protect the grapes from the strong sun, we leave the leaves in place.

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