It’s the dog days

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Your wines deserve a little freshness!
We forget too often but at this time with the heat wave, your wines are suffering. You need to know that rising temperatures can transform the best of your wines in abominable piquette, so here are some small tricks to avoid disappointment.

High temperature, sudden temperature variations are so many aggressions to which the wine will react.
The risk ? Premature aging, oxidation, drying of the plug, the appearance of a pasty drip around the plug …
Suffice to say that during the summer, the dangers are even greater.


Between 11 et 15 °C
For not deteriorating your wine, it should be stored, all year, away from light, vibration and odor sources and at a temperature between 11 and 15 °. The ideal is that the temperature difference is as small as possible in this bracket 11-15.

I go on holidays
You need a bit of organisation, holiday wines are not always those one wants to drink for the rest of the year. We check before leaving the wines that spend the summer without you will be well protected, you control the temperature of the wine cellar, changing room your cartoons if the usual place seems overheated, you switch off the light so that the wine remains in the dark.

If you have some great value wines to be protected, do not hesitate to inquire about collective cellars that will welcome your wines in the best conditions of temperatures, humidity and … safety …

I take advantage of my vacation wine

peyre article canicule 2Nothing better when going on holiday as to discover the wines of the region, to talk with winemakers, tasting at the cellar, to visit the facilities and understand the approach of the winemaker. So when you love wines that are unearthed, we buy to drink on site. The chilled rosé under the arbor, we drink it with moderation of course but also with pleasure. We also buy some to take home, just to extend the holiday mood and to make your friends discover your findings.

And again, we do not do anything, wine boxes, we put them in the fresh cockpit of the car, in a place that can enjoy the air conditioning and as soon as we get home, it  is the wine that we handle first, towels pass after!

I ask for more
Think of it, winemakers can also send you the boxes you do not have to transport. At Domaine Peyre, we offer transport from 4 boxes.

You no longer have excuses for not extending the taste of holidays

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