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Our Jazz cuvée is sparkling!

10 May 2024 News, Vine

At the Domaine des Peyre, we know that in the evening, under the arbor, chilled sparkling rosé wines are the life of the party! We’ve created a cuvée that swings: our JAZZ cuvée is a blend of 60% Cinsault and 40% Vermentino, sparkling using the Charmat method. After making our still rosé wine, yeast and fermentation liqueur are introduced into a high-pressure vat at 20°, where the sparkling wine is produced over a fortnight. With the vat closed, carbon dioxide is prevented from escaping, resulting in an effervescent wine that is then chilled to around – 2° to halt fermentation, and filtered before bottling. We therefore use the same method as for prosecco to make this JAZZ cuvée, which enables us to preserve aromas and freshness, and obtain a lovely, fine, elegant, persistent bubble that arouses greed with subtle peach aromas. As an aperitif, of course, but also as an accompaniment to fruit desserts, and with all the cuisines of the world! A JAZZ cuvée with a party spirit. 13.50 € on sale at the Domaine des Peyre boutique.