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QUIZ – Do you know the wine accessories?

30 September 2021 Vine

We use them without ever knowing their names! Take this quiz to find out their official name and function.

1 – The corkscrew used in cafés and restaurants is a :

a. Limonadier
b. Corkscrew
c. Uncorker

2 – The corks used to preserve a wine that has been uncorked use the :
a. Dry ice
b. Vacuum pump
c. Riveting machine

3 – The INAO glasses used for the tasting are :

a. Closed upwards
b. Flared upwards
c. Straight

4 – What is the name of the little tablet placed at the top of the neck to prevent the wine from spilling when it is served?
a. A wine stop
b. A pourer stop
c. An anti-stain

5 – The Screwpull brand is known for its :
a. Decanters
b. Corkscrew
c. Isothermal buckets

6 – The small flat bottle, in which alcohol or wine is put, is called :
a. A frasque
b. A flask
c. A fiasque


1A – 2B – 3A – 4A – 5B – 6B